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  • How to Solve a Treasure Hunt Puzzle

    How to Solve a Treasure Hunt Puzzle

    If you are stuck on a puzzle, stop and take a look at it from another angle. Put yourself in the mind of the person setting the question. The first thing this person had was the answer, then they constructed the puzzle to arrive at that. If you know the puzzle maker, consider their style […]

  • Making a Treasure Hunt Trail

    Making a Treasure Hunt Trail

    A treasure hunt trail is a simple series of clues, one leading to the next. The secret to setting one up is by starting where the treasure is, and working backwards. Hide the treasure. While you are there, write a clue of how to find the treasure. Find where you would like the final clue […]

  • What is your story?

    What is your story?

    To make a theme for a treasure hunt, there is no better source of tales than the ones that already exist nearby. Perhaps in the past there used to be a monastery nearby – it isn’t there any more because all their treasure went missing. There is always a mystery, a fascinating story or a […]

  • Look After Your Brand

    Look After Your Brand

    When designing your product, especially a treasure hunt with a theme, it is very important to the long term value of your brand to stick to your own design guidelines. Larger organisations have brand guideline documents outlining the rules of using their brand. Making a poster which deviates from your brand, even just this once, […]

  • How To Make Your Own Simple Treasure Hunt

    How To Make Your Own Simple Treasure Hunt

    This is a FREE guide to creating a great treasure hunt for your home, which can be adapted for your town, park or even your holiday. You’ll learn how to create a number of different clues, pick a theme as well as how to make an authentic looking treasure map. All you’ll need is a […]

  • Successful event signage

    Successful event signage

    In order to secure a successful treasure hunt, a key part of the publicity has to be the signage leading up to the event.The first and easiest is to have a pop-up banner in reception for all your existing clients to get the message. The beauty of a pop-up banner is that they are quick, […]

  • Treasure Hunt Event Planning Checklist

    Treasure Hunt Event Planning Checklist

    Pre-Event Planning Web page The first place that people look for what’s on will be Google. Get a dedicated page on your website featuring plenty of all the key words that your target audience will be looking for i.e. family, berkshire, bank holiday. Google needs about 6 weeks to register your entry for it to […]

  • Use a celebrity as a clue – like Stephen Fry

    Use a celebrity as a clue – like Stephen Fry

    If you’ve got a spare pet celebrity with some decent gadgets then take advantage…

  • Take a new perspective

    Take a new perspective

    Many parts of life are a game – you can play too…

  • There is something going on…

    There is something going on…

    Sometimes things that are right in front of your nose aren’t quite as they seem.