Treasure Hunt Packages

Choose what you would like your treasure hunt to achieve. This decision should be based on the time available, age, intelligence and physical abilities of the participants combined with the area hosting the treasure hunt.

  • Explore The Limits: Land Rover Experience Treasure Hunt

    Explore the Limits A treasure hunt with Land Rover Experience. Using all the features of the latest Land Rover Experience vehicles, solve the clues on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s. The challenges will take you around the locality putting the vehicles to their most extreme abilities. There is guidance on driving skills, solving puzzles and […]

  • How much does a treasure hunt cost?

    These are the elements and rough costs to consider when hosting a treasure hunt. Also, take a look here for an Event Checklist so you don’t forget anything. UK Treasure Hunt Estimate* Hunt > Create the initial safe puzzle and solution 8 hrs @ £60/hr: £480*  Design > Conforming to the brand of the client, create hunt leaflet, […]

  • Codebreaker 4×4

    Codebreaker 4×4 Hi Tech Treasure Hunt for UK event organisers Codebreaker 4×4 Hi Tech Corporate Treasure Hunt Package – premium treasure hunt experience. Explore the breathtaking surroundings to find the deviously hidden secret information. Break into the software by cracking all the clues. You will be issued with the latest top-of-the-range Land Rover Experience vehicles […]

  • Children’s Treasure Hunt Package

    Hunter Children’s Treasure Hunt Package The Hunter Children’s Treasure Hunt Package is available to UK event organisers and is suitable for children aged 5-11 around one venue. The Hunter Children’s Treasure Hunt Package is aimed at accompanied children aged between 5 and 11 years old. It uses a combination of visual clues and fun riddles […]

  • Driving Treasure Hunt Package

    Ranger Driving Treasure Hunt Package Ranger Treasure Hunt Package – available to UK event organisers and suitable for families exploring one area by car. Your Ranger Driving Treasure Hunt will be created for clients or families when your venue is based in a geographically interesting location. A driving based treasure hunt where the treasure hunters […]

  • Walking Treasure Hunt Package

    Rover Walking Treasure Hunt Package Rover Walking Treasure Hunt Package – available to UK event organisers and suitable for teens and adults exploring a specific area. Ideal for venues set in a beautiful location or a city. The Rover walking treasure hunt package is a walking based adventure that takes you off the beaten track […]

  • Grown Up Treasure Hunt

    Seeker Adult Treasure Hunt Package The Seeker Adult Treasure Hunt is available to event organisers and suitable for adults based in one UK venue. The Seeker adult treasure hunt package presents a challenge for adults to solve some cryptic puzzles and is a mechanism to get people to explore every corner of your venue. It […]

  • Creepy Treasure Hunt

    The Stuff of Nightmares Creepy Treasure Hunt Package – a ghastly, spine-chilling treasure hunt mystery experience. Explore your venue finding the disturbing oddities. Haunting echoey sounds fill the building. Everything out of the ordinary hides a puzzle to be solved. Every corner hides something worse… This has been installed at Eastnor Castle in the UK.The […]

  • Team Building Treasure Hunt

    Team building treasure hunt designed for corporates, giving a far more interesting and engaging slant to team building . Using a treasure hunt will get people out of the office and onto the streets or into a venue and actively taking part. We can incorporate additional tools which will give value to the business such […]