October 25, 2010 | Posted in:Event Tips, Information

You can turn anything into a puzzle. Take a look around yourself now. There are everyday objects which can hold the secret to an answer that you want someone to get. Here are some simple examples:

  • Letters on your phone pad give you numbers
  • The keys on your computer keyboard have other keys around them – an instant and easy cipher
  • The direction doors open – try to get somewhere by only opening doors going away from you
  • Take a letter you’ve received and ever so slightly mark up a series of letters that make up a question
  • The TV schedule holds some programmes which do not change on a daily basis so you can base a puzzle on that

Walk through life seeing everything as a potential puzzle to be solved, every place has as a hidden challenge and every sentence has a hidden message. Fun and games can be created in almost any situation. A mild word of warning though: if you do start to see hidden messages that people have left for you in a series of incredibly random circumstances then you may be being slightly paranoid!

Next time you find yourself staring into space daydreaming, make up a little game. It will make the world a better place.

If you don’t have time to stare into space, but you need a game creating – come to the expert daydreamers www.treasurehuntdesign.com

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