A choice of treasure hunt apps for you to find some treasure with. Tell us what you think of them.

Platform Title Author
iPhone TapGeoHunt App Partner Development
Android/iPhone Geocaching Android / Iphone Groundspeak Inc
Android Scavenger Hunt With Friends Asbury Mobile
iPhone Quercus Circus David Freeman
Android/iPhone DreamWalk DreamWalk Pty. Ltd
iPhone EggRaider jTribe
iPhone GoldRun Goldrun LLC
iPhone Smartphone Treasure Hunt X Marks The Spot

There are loads of treasure hunt apps on the market. Search your marketplace for the latest editions.

We love treasure hunting and want you to take part. It is a great way to get out and about.

We can create bespoke phone and tablet apps for your treasure hunt needs.

We can do flat html trails, flash based challenges, GPS and can incorporate dynamic data, meaning participants can dip in and out without fear of losing their place.

As with treasure hunts which aren’t online, it is important to make each type of clue a different puzzle (see styles of clues). Technology is advancing at an amazing rate, meaning that using applications such as Google Street View you can take people to quite diverse virtual locations.

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