How to Solve a Treasure Hunt Puzzle

Solving Treasure Hunt Puzzles

If you are stuck on a puzzle, stop and take a look at it from another angle. Put yourself in the mind of the person setting the question. The first thing this person had was the answer, then they constructed the puzzle to arrive at that. If you know the puzzle maker, consider their style and any similar combinations of questions and answers they may have come up with previously. Also consider where they would have sourced the answer from – do their other answers suggest that they can see the object they are making questions about.

The person who has set the problem obviously wants you to solve it, but they want to stretch you to the limits of your ability so you get the maximum personal reward by solving it. The secret to the answer will always be in the question.

Read it very carefully and slowly, not getting hung up on one particular detail. When you have the correct answer, it will feel like it makes perfect sense.


Let's take Question 3 of the puzzles from the 25 Riddle Puzzles For You To Solve:

What am I? I look sick. I won’t cut like a knife but have similar qualities. I hang around in big groups. If you cut my head off – I look great.

Let's break it down.

  1. What am I: This means it is a Thing.
  2. I look sick: Think of what symptoms you have if you visually appear to be ill.
  3. I won't cut like a knife but have similar qualities: It is something that isn't sharp, but may appear so.
  4. I hang around in big groups: When you see this Thing, it will be amongst many other similar Things.
  5. If you cut my head off - I look great: The Thing looks better with the top taken off.

Starting with 5, we can discard anything that doesn't look better with its physical head on i.e. anything animal. As we know from 1 that this is a Thing, then we can discard conceptual objects or words. From 2 the visible symptoms of sickness are that it is something like, sweaty, pale or green. 3 tells us that it contains a knife's qualities like a blade.

The (1) object is (2) green, with a (3) blade, seen in big (4) clumps that can be trimmed (5).

The answer is: GRASS  (drag cursor across to highlight and see).

If you have a puzzle you can't solve - post it here and we'll see if the reader's of Treasure Hunt Design can solve it.


21 responses to “How to Solve a Treasure Hunt Puzzle”

  1. Miranda Avatar

    Need help with clue please.

    Clue #5 Dogs that bark and dogs to eat. Pizza pie is a special treat. It’s the trail to texas. Stay on your feet
    Clue #4 the church on the hill is the beacon , they say. Eastward Eastward is the way as you travel take in the sights coffee and designs or a special delight
    Clue #3 the trail to the treasure is historic for sure the sun shines brightly upon the beginning of your tour

  2. Keddon Cyrus Avatar
    Keddon Cyrus

    Clue #15…..

    My age no longer sits on a calendar. I function when needed that’s if my hands have not given up. A landmark and even a part of history. Answer anyone?

  3. RT Ragan Avatar
    RT Ragan

    Searching for a medallion within our living complex. These are the clues we have so far.

    Day 1- a place to play and giggle all day

    Day 2- I’m bright in sight, and shine in the sunlight

    Day 3- I’m a place for visitors, but sometimes I get the shivers

    We have a kids playground made of composite wood, a pool which is currently under construction, patio outside of the main office with tables and flower beds. Many more flower beds through out the complex as well, and a tennis court with basketball hoops as well.

  4. Terry Avatar

    You were fast last time this much is true this time though I’m hiding someplace new Did I say new I meant a place much older than you I have a past but was built to last to find me you’ll need to get there fast

  5. Camden Schuze Avatar

    Back again my hunting friends
    No break until next summer.
    A visceral reaction is motivation
    Open your mind and don’t feel encumbered

    A careful examination of the evidence
    You won’t see the forest from the trees
    We should all learn the lessons of history
    And see life as a matter of degrees

  6. Avatar

    Oh my dear father
    what do you call a square which sides are not equal?
    For the key lies there.

  7. Brian Avatar

    Tying to do a festival hunt, any help would be appreciated.

    1. Sparkling fragment

    2. Case of the missing piece

    3. “that is so old school!”

    4. Duck and linen

    5. Past prime time

    6. Put the business behind you

    7. Sun up side down

  8. Stephanie Avatar

    Hello I am trying to decipher forrest fenns poem but right now im on the Sacred Scarab. I dont even know where to begin or how any of this works. Please help me get into the right direction thank you.

  9. D. Avatar

    To celeste._.
    Go to library .
    Locate : The contemplative poetry of Edward Arlington Robinson , robert frost and yvor winter.

    Look in book for medallion ._.

  10. D. Avatar

    I solved the Kennedy assassination and discovered an Os/Oz/O’s enigma.
    I solved the Os/Oz/O’s enigma and discovered a treasure hunt.
    I solved the treasure hunt and discovered a legend , a map , a key , and a compass.
    I solved half so far._.

    ” when is a key not a key ?
    When is compass not a compass ?
    When is a map not a map?
    When is a legend not a legend ?”

    So far i solved ” why is a raven like a writing desk ?

    ” because they both can have caws for thought “

  11. Celeste Avatar

    In the mist of a winters frost
    Within the school a medallion lost
    Search the skies And you’ll be without luck
    To find the hidden treasure One must duck

    Fridley students from far and wide
    Celebrate snoWeek with their fridley pride
    Activity games and excitement galore
    McMoncilles Legendary tiger roar
    For those Stuck with no place to look
    You may find answers hidden in a book

    I have noted the wording is similar to Roberts Frost poems one in specific stand out stoping by Woods in a snowing evening.
    This is a hunt for a medallion lost inside my school and I happen to be determined to find it

  12. Landon Avatar

    Looking for a snowman

    Clue 1: It’s time to assist you with the first clue of the hunt … it is not as hard as a rock
    Clue 2: You might find some kind of spirit here.
    Clue 3: People here sometimes see things that aren’t there.
    Clue 4: “Boo!”
    Clue 5. Sometimes you have to take it out.
    Clue 6: We can dish it out, but can you take it here?
    Clue 7: Here to some “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

  13. Jacques L. Brooks Avatar
    Jacques L. Brooks

    I have a treasure hunt and these are the clues. Could really use some more help. Thank you

    CLUE #1. The cash is well hidden in one of two places;
    Decide Caddo or Bossier and then off to the

    CLUE #2. If you have the right Parish then just find the
    Respect posted signs and do not cheat

    CLUE #3. Some people buy houses while others just
    So neighbors now live in what was once a
    mere field

    CLUE #4. When driving around please use extreme
    Your mission is treasure, so remain aware

  14. Akkub Avatar

    Legions encamped upon its lot
    Weapons of war they had not
    There young comrades found safe quarters
    A retreat from life’s shells and mortars

  15. shubham Avatar

    i have a problem
    the question has an image of harry porter 2007 movie and the hints are as follows
    1.slave and master will be reunited once more
    2. the hanged man,the devil,the wheel of life and the fool
    3. london thumakda
    4. ne dis jamais je taime

  16. Tina Avatar

    I sometimes bring a lot of cash,
    However i’m also know to have caliber,
    Though you would want me when i’m sweet,
    Just bring my outer wrapper

  17. Manisha Avatar

    I have a treasure to solve :

    oh ‘mad’ ridley , its seeds he brought,
    all around the country now , these trees they dot,
    three different products of its fluid please bring,
    In order to show us you know what we’re meaning

  18. Nitin Avatar

    Tell me answer of a treasure hunt question “Who am I ” ?

    1. TreasureHuntMan Avatar

      Drag your cursor across to the left of where it says “drag cursor across to highlight and see” to reveal…

  19. CJ Avatar

    A test that used to be called Sam?

    1. TreasureHuntMan Avatar

      It is no longer Sam, so it must be an Ex-Sam. It is a test, so “EXAM”.

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