Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are challenges of seeking out  a group of items or answers, sometimes leading to a final grand prize. They can be located anywhere including online.

There are a number of different definitions of scavenger hunts, sometimes referred to as treasure hunts:

  • Treasure Hunt Maps

    We can create a treasure map to any specification for any use. If you prefer you can find out how to make your own simple Treasure Hunt Map: or if you fancy finding out exactly how to make this treasure map below a bit more: There are step by step photographic instructions of how to make this […]

  • Antique Treasure Hunts

    10 tips for Antique Treasure Hunting Antique treasure hunts take place at any yard sale, car boot sale or flea market. The big question is, is it a piece of junk, or is it a geniune antique for a good price? Preferably you are an expert in antiques, but if you aren’t, here are 10 […]

  • Diving Treasure Hunts

    Treasure Hunts involving Diving Diving treasure hunts on the sea bed, discovering wrecks and spilled cargo have brought huge pay-offs for modern-day real treasure hunters. Advances in technology resulted in a couple more finds far more recently, especially in the field of diving. Pieces of eight? In 1985, Mel Fisher recovered $450m of gold and […]

  • Driving Treasure Hunts

    Take part in Driving Treasure Hunts What ever happened to the good old-fashioned driving treasure hunts? Driving treasure hunts should be aimed at the whole family, taking them within a wide circumference of a base getting them to explore all the interesting nooks and crannies of the region out of reach by walking. Typically they […]

  • Geocaching

    Treasure hunting using geocaching As technology continues to improve at an exponential rate, using tech to take part in treasure hunt activities using gadgets and gizmos is becoming more and more accessible. Around the world there is a hidden network of over a million boxes with treasure concealed within. GPS Equipment Geocaches can be found […]

  • Interactive Treasure Hunts

    Treasure hunts that involve interactivity If you have spare volunteers to plant around the place who can dress up or give out a clue then that adds an extra dimension. Another way is to introduce more technology. Incorporate a script and a phone number. Call the number and stick to the script and you’ll get […]

Traditionally, a scavenger hunt is a race to solve a string of linear clues that lead to another clue until finally you reach the prize.