treasure hunt design

Treasure Hunt Design

  • Treasure Hunt Clues Ideas

    Create and Solve Amazing Treasure Hunts There are no excuses for using a list of questions for treasure hunt clues when there is such a wealth of source material to work with. Here are a few ideas that can be used for creating treasure hunt clues: Treasure Hunt Riddles Click here for How to Make…

  • Scavenger Hunt Questions

    Puzzles for your treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. Each clue should lead to the next. Do not make the scavenger hunt questions too hard, otherwise the trail will fail, but do make the clues tough enough to challenge your specific participants feel clever and experience a satisfying sense of achievement. Example Scavenger Hunt Questions Bed…

  • Treasure Hunt Puzzles

    Treasure Hunt Puzzles

    Here are 25 original and very difficult riddles for you to try to crack. The most that anyone has ever managed to solve is currently 23 out of 25 (MB!). You won’t be able to search the puzzle answers online so you are on your own! Also, take a look at ideas for Treasure Hunt Clues,…

  • Easter Egg Hunt

    Ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt Over the Easter holidays, Easter egg hunts are a very popular activity. There are several things you can do yourself to make it fun for all the family. If you are stuck for what to do to make a fun Easter egg hunt, here are a list of ideas…

  • Make Your Own Treasure Hunt

    How to Make Your Own Treasure Hunt Here are a few ideas to help you make your own treasure hunt. If you have any stories, ideas or thoughts you’d like to contribute to this page then please leave your comments. Here is a FREE e-book of How to make your own simple Treasure Hunt. The…

  • Pirate Dictionary

    An Incomprehensive and Unextensive Pirate Dictionary* A guide of how to speak/write like a pirate especially when creating your treasure hunt clues. Abaft: Towards the backAft: The actual backAhoy: HelloArr: AgreedAvast: StopAye: YesAye Aye: I’ll get on with that nowBe: Am, are or isBilge rat: Ship’s gutter scumBlack spot: Cursed mark of deathBlimey: GoshBoatswain: Deck…


The worldwide professional treasure hunt design company.

We specialise in creating activities for estates, castles, public areas and hotel groups. We offer a large variety of applications from holiday activities to exploring cities. It is a popular team building activity and product launch platform.

Treasure hunts are suitable for all ages, depending on the difficulty level of the clues. They are becoming increasingly popular with the use of on foot city hunts and scavenger hunts. They don’t necessarily actually need any real treasure, depending on what you as the host would like to achieve from having one, but it could be argued that the better the treasure, the more rewarding it will be for participants.

If there are a great deal of people taking part in the treasure hunt, it is useful to have a focal draw of completed hunts at the end to see who wins the final grand prize.

Treasure Hunt Design

Hunts are generally made up of a series of clues and riddles linked by a map, indoors or outdoors, but it is always useful to have a contingency plan for bad weather. For health and safety reasons we try to discourage having people racing for the final location.

Each clue should present a different challenge for the participants – take a look at our suggestions for styles of clue. You can also include map reading and orienteering.

Having live elements to the clues takes them to another level, such as having to make a coded telephone call or saying a certain phrase to a barman.

Take a look at some of our example treasure hunts.

  • How to Solve a Treasure Hunt Puzzle

    If you are stuck on a puzzle, stop and take a look at it from another angle. Put yourself in the mind of the person setting the question. The first thing this person had was the answer, then they constructed the puzzle to arrive at that. If you know the puzzle maker, consider their style…

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  • Making a Treasure Hunt Trail

    A treasure hunt trail is a simple series of clues, one leading to the next. The secret to setting one up is by starting where the treasure is, and working backwards. Hide the treasure. While you are there, write a clue of how to find the treasure. Find where you would like the final clue…

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  • What is your story?

    To make a theme for a treasure hunt, there is no better source of tales than the ones that already exist nearby. Perhaps in the past there used to be a monastery nearby – it isn’t there any more because all their treasure went missing. There is always a mystery, a fascinating story or a…

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  • Look After Your Brand

    When designing your product, especially a treasure hunt with a theme, it is very important to the long term value of your brand to stick to your own design guidelines. Larger organisations have brand guideline documents outlining the rules of using their brand. Making a poster which deviates from your brand, even just this once,…

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