Alternate Reality Games

There is something going on…

…but you can’t put your finger on it.

That might be because you’ve stumbled across an Alternate Reality Game.

Alternate Reality Games

This is an immersive real life (transmedia) game controlled by a game designer featuring real characters, a multitude of platforms i.e. computers, texts, conferences, newspaper ads.

Potential players will stumble across an obscure name on a movie poster, solve a puzzle or click on a “Rabbithole” which then opens up the start of the adventure.

A series of unanswered questions and quests will then become apparent, and the game is on…

Trust no-one. Believe nothing unless you see it first hand and even then, double check.

You could be the star of the show without even knowing it.

In 2001 Microsoft’s Jordan Weisman and Elan Lee created a series of computer games based on AI: Artificial Intelligence. From this they came up with a murder mystery across many mediums, telephone/email/fax/adverts. It was an incredible success and globally involved over three million players. There have been other ARG’s for TV shows such as Heroes, Spooks, Dexter and Lost.

If you are looking for a commercial Alternate Reality Game – then make the call – it will get people talking


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