Children's Treasure Hunt
These are the elements and rough costs to consider when hosting a treasure hunt. Also, take a look here for an Event Checklist so you don’t forget anything.

UK Treasure Hunt Estimate*

Hunt > Create the initial safe puzzle and solution 8 hrs @ £60/hr: £480* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”480″]

Design > Conforming to the brand of the client, create hunt leaflet, signage and adverts 6 hrs @ £60/hr: £360* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”360″]

Print > 2000 A4 leaflets printed on both sides in full colour on 130g Recycled Offset paper: £260*  [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”260″]

Signage > Pop-up banner: £85*  [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”260″]

Treasure > Whatever you choose: Treasure Chest £55* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”55″], Replica Gold Bars £40* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”40″], Old Coins £70* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”70″], Champagne £40* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”40″], 25yr Single Malt Whisky £100* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”100″], Ipad £400* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”400″]. Frequently we produce branded Frisbees made from recycled CD’s as the treasure for Children’s Treasure Hunts, e.g. 500 @ 80p each: £400*  [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”400″]

Other bits and bobs to consider:

Advertising > The press love a treasure hunt, so it is easy to get free coverage as a news story. However you could allow a contingency for a local ad and a roadside sign for passing trade: £150* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”150″]

Web > Google Ads are great for a short term geographically specific targetted campaign. Have a specific web landing page for the activity and specify keywords that pertain to local places and what-to-do: £100* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”100″]

Venue > If you don’t have a venue, you may need one. Village halls/community centres offer excellent value for money options for holding events – 1/10th of the price of prestige venues like hotels. With a treasure hunt you can incorporate the venue into the theme i.e. if it is a bit ropey then “End Of The World”. Community centre: £100* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”100″]

Staffing > With lots of people involved you may need to bribe some volunteers to help out. Budget about £10/hr per person to keep them sweet. 4 people for 4 hours: £160* [worldcurrency curr=”GBP” value=”160″]

*Prices are estimated and do not include VAT.