What is your story?

What is your story?

To make a theme for a treasure hunt, there is no better source of tales than the ones that already exist nearby.

Perhaps in the past there used to be a monastery nearby – it isn’t there any more because all their treasure went missing. There is always a mystery, a fascinating story or a captivating twist from the past.

The Missing Wyre Bullet Ammo Train


In the Wyre Forest, during the Second World War, legend has it that somewhere near the ammo factories, deep in the hills, a train packed with arms was hidden in a tunnel and sealed in. This was as a last line of defence and to prevent the ammunition falling into enemy hands in the case of Nazi occupation. Luckily, it was never needed. Unluckily, it was lost and the location was forgotten. The only clue that remained was a map showing the position train nameplates that had parts missing.  


It is a great excuse to speak to neighbours and local historians. You can be sure they are a rich source of information. Alternatively use a search engine to research news stories for the area.

Choose a theme, make a map and then see how much it would cost to put a professional treasure hunt together.