Treasure Hunt Riddles

Solve the Riddles and Find the Treasure

How to write your own treasure hunt or scavenger hunt riddles:

You can create some good clue based poetry as treasure hunt riddles with some simple rules.

Treasure Hunt Clue Ideas:

Click here for Some Clue Ideas or see if you can Solve These Puzzles.

This is how we come up with treasure hunt rhymes, how to fit them around clues, and some examples:

Direction Riddle:

What is the answer you are looking for, or what do you want the players to do – go to a location or find an object?

If we wanted our adventurers to go to the STAIRS then this is an easy word to rhyme with. Think of another word that rhymes with stairs. We’ll use CHAIRS. We can mould that into a question.

The key is the rhythm of the phrases and a missing word that clearly rhymes with the second line.

Go through the place,
That hosts the chairs.
The prize is hidden,
On the…?????

Difficulty Rhyming:

If you have a word that is impossible to rhyme with, place it in the middle of the sentence. Say there is something below an ORANGE:

The goody is hidden,
When found you will sing,
In a bowl on a table,
Beneath orange thing!

The key is to come up with the two linking rhyming words first, like SING and THING and then work back from there. Keep saying the rhyme back to yourself as you write it to make sure it scans nicely.

Hinting Riddles:

You can suggest what the hunters may be searching for by outlining what they are seeking. In this case, if we wanted to get people looking for a MIRROR we could make a treasure hunt riddle along these lines:

All shining and silver,
With a beautiful face,
You look into me,
And find this place.

Or if you wanted a treasure hunt clue for a TREE you could say:

With clothes of green,
And bark of a dog,
Search me for the goods,
I sleep like a log.

Take into account the abilities of the people attempting to solve your riddle. When you know the answer, it may seem a lot simpler to you than it is – try to make it a touch easier and if possible, test them out on an independent victim.

Alternatively, you may be looking for other clue ideas

Treasure Hunt Riddle Examples:


132 responses to “Treasure Hunt Riddles”

  1. shaylen Avatar

    im trying to have a scavenger hunt for adults and im have problems coming up with a riddle with the answer being baseball fied

  2. Jennifer Avatar

    Could you help with some very easy rhymes for a treasure hunt for kids in the woods (we’re going camping!). 🙂
    Camper van
    Thanks so much!

  3. Brianna Avatar

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a riddle that leads to a dam on some old trout farm grounds. I know this sounds weird but can anyone help me with this please??

  4. mercy Avatar

    I would like to provide me clue for the restarurant name as “De Javu”
    Its an buffet

  5. farheen Avatar

    I am coordinating a treasure hunt in my college.How should I write class room number,for electronic labs,a Mango tree near our branch office please help me with this

  6. Aakanksha Avatar

    These riddles are really nice.
    I’m looking for a riddle for a restaurant named “canteeno”. Can you please help me out.

    Thank you

  7. Tracy-Lee Avatar

    Hi, Im looking for a riddle that will lead to a coffee shop. In front of the coffee shop s a big cow made out of scrap metal.
    Any ideas ?

    1. Mikewaver Avatar

      Hey, diddle, diddle,
      The cat and the fiddle,
      The “scrap metal cow” jumped over the moon;

  8. STEPHY ROY Avatar

    I want some treasure hunt riddles in my office related to a park (chess park),Bar(Sky bar), Security office,and also a area for function which is named as”PANTHAL”

  9. Ketan Avatar

    Hi! I’m looking for a riddle that will lead to an ice cream place. Can you help me out?!

    1. Peter Avatar

      I’m cold and sweet
      And it may seem
      That I’m a treat
      For I’m ___ _____

  10. Ted Cason Avatar
    Ted Cason

    I need some clues around the house for my five year old

  11. Anu Singh Avatar
    Anu Singh

    your riddles are very good i have to organise a tresure hunt for students in my school so plz. help me out for clues related to
    1. guard room
    2. canteen
    3. music room
    4. tabla room
    5. p.t. room
    6. stage
    7. garden area
    8. activity area

    plz. help me out as soon as possible as i,m running out of time

    Anu Singh

  12. Shifa Avatar

    Can I get a riddle for a cardboard box?!
    Coz the treasure is hidden inside it…the box is filled wid helium baloons..

  13. E N Avatar

    I am having a scavenger hunt this Easter. I am hiding an expensive Easter egg in the refrigerator and need clues

  14. Manish bhoyar Avatar
    Manish bhoyar

    Riddles for
    Computer lab
    Seminar hall
    Electronics lab

  15. Regina Owens Avatar
    Regina Owens

    I need to use movie quotes in riddle form to hide money for my son who’s 25.
    We have scarey, comedy, even animation movies.
    Nightmare on Elm Street
    Beauty and the beast
    Mickey mouse Christmas
    Jingle all the way
    Jungle 2 jungle

  16. Elsie Avatar

    Looking for riddles for different restaurants.

    East side Mario’s (big tomato)
    Wild wing
    Yo taco
    Pita pit

  17. Loki Avatar

    How can I make clues for basement, headmistress’ office, conference room, kids’ play area and the nurse’s room in a school?

  18. Daisy Avatar

    I wanna make some tiny cardboard houses (cute gifts) for my friends and I want to hide apology letters for each house . I want to leave clues to where the letters would be but I’m terrible at writing ESPECIALLY at writing riddles and clues and rhyming and stuff . For e.g I want to hide the letters in a tree , a window , floor boards , the door , the roof , pretty much anywhere except inside the house .

  19. Anisha Roy Avatar
    Anisha Roy

    can i please have a riddle to hide some missing jewels in an antique furniture

  20. varun batra Avatar
    varun batra

    i am the biggest lab…but there is no lab in me
    what is the answer for that

  21. Prutha Patel Avatar
    Prutha Patel

    Heyy even Im hosting a treasure hunt for college i need more clues like lecture hall, canteen, common room

  22. Annie Avatar

    I am hiding Mexican hot chocolate mix- ABUELTA for our office Cinco De Mayo scavenger hunt.

    I will be hiding it in our kitchen on the 1st floor of our 3 story bldg

    I need help 🙂 thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  23. Marielle Avatar

    Hey I’m trying to do an Easter egg hunt for my parents and I’m having trouble finding some good clues. Can you help me with that? Thanks.

  24. graham Avatar

    can I have Riddell’s for my two school teaches thank you

  25. Dakshta Avatar

    I need to hide gifts around the class for a science project. Give me clues related to this.

  26. Amy Avatar

    Hi, can I have a riddle for a garage?

  27. Gloria Avatar

    I’m going to have my 7 grandkids, ages 10 to 19, do a treasure hunt to find their money. Having a hard time coming up with 7 rymes or riddles for money. Can u give me some ideas? Thank you

  28. Laura Morris Avatar
    Laura Morris

    I’m wanting a riddle for my sister, I’ve got her concert tickets to go see Jess glynne but can’t find any for it.

  29. Birthday Treasure Hunt Avatar
    Birthday Treasure Hunt

    Is there one for around town?

  30. chickie lobrino Avatar
    chickie lobrino

    Hello good day… Please can i have some help.. Some rhyming word from Pirate treasure box. Can i have 10 words. Thank u

  31. Debra Avatar

    I want to do a Scavenger or treasure hunt at the beacj/pier. Not sure the difference. It is for adults.

  32. K_Blake Avatar

    I want to send my friend on a scavenger hunt for her 16th birthday party and need help coming up with what to say. I want to lead her to the mall, a playground and back to her house

  33. chirag jain Avatar
    chirag jain

    Could i have rhyme or something on stationery shop, photo studio and grain stores

  34. pooja Avatar

    hi, i want to conduct treasure hint for my college for which your link of everything around college is not enough.. could you help me out with more riddle clues on college canteen, hall, chai wala etc.

  35. Cate Avatar

    Hi! I’m looking for a riddle that will lead to an ice cream place. Can you help me out?!

  36. Cayla W. Avatar
    Cayla W.

    I wanted to take my boyfriend rock climbing and to the shooting range for his birthday. But have two separate envelopes with rhymes for both, but not exactly giving away what we were going to do.

  37. ceanne Avatar

    have you got any treasure hunt clues for a summer camp?

  38. Avatar

    Hi, I need help for a birthday gift of flying lessons for my partner?

  39. Avatar

    Need to conduct a treasure hunt for a team of 100 employees in office?

  40. shahudha Avatar

    hei…. i need some clues for a treasure hunt at my work place which is a radio station.
    parking lot
    studio for music recording
    fish pond

  41. Sherrie Davies Avatar

    I’m looking for a scavenger hunt that is connected to music. I do karaoke online and had been asked to come up with a contest idea and I thought it would be fun to give clues for the people who signs up for it that would lead them to a karaoke song. For example Blue Monday by Fats Domino. I wanted to do them in rhyming so I was mulling this in my mind: dominoes or checkers which shall it be if you have this done by Monday you will be scott free. If you choose checkers you may be blue but if you play dominoes you’ll find the answer to this clue. I realize the rhyming beat is not what it should be so any help would be appreciated thank you. Sincerely Sherrie

  42. surabhi jain Avatar
    surabhi jain

    hey i want to conduct treasure hunt in my office keeping hint in the cabins of all the employees including the boss. kindly suggest the hints as soon as possible

  43. Isha Avatar

    Could I get a clue which directs to the beach?

  44. Maribeth Avatar

    I am getting my husband a power steering rack for his street rod. It is from a company called “Flaming River”. Can you help with a clue for that? I didn’t want to just put a picture in a card, I want him to try to figure out what it is.

  45. tahlia Avatar

    Hi, I am looking for a riddle for my mum to find her garden ornament we bought her for christmas.
    Thank you

  46. Amanda Avatar

    I want to give the kids a clue of going to gmas house to find the rest of their clues for the tickets… Can you give me something for grandma’s house!

  47. Moya Avatar

    I bought a PlayStation 4 for my husband and i need a riddle

  48. Jane Avatar

    Could i have rhyme or something that i could use to give my sister a clue of her presnt.. I want to be able to tell her this and she can find out what it is. I’m going to ve giving her concert tickets to Olly Murs

    1. Treasure Hunt Avatar
      Treasure Hunt

      Treasure Hunt Clue for OLLY MURS tickets:

      I’ve got you a certain thing
      That’ll make you want to dance and sing
      The golden tickets you will find
      Who’s your mixed up act in mind?

      Yum Rolls

      1. Richard Jackson-31550 Avatar

        Where you can find the next clue is where you can get a book.

  49. Ashley Avatar

    Hi I’ve been trying to look around for a riddle/hint for my mums Christmas present but can’t think of any ideas? The present is a Peter Andre ticket?

    1. Treasure Hunt Avatar
      Treasure Hunt
  50. nikhil tongya Avatar
    nikhil tongya

    hyy i want to conduct a treasure hunt in my college in a different way..i want some clues for it …pls help me in this,..
    the clues are attached to each other,the places are notice board,library,canteen,reading room,academic block,badminton court,parking area,stationay,main gate,temple

    1. Treasure Hunt Avatar
      Treasure Hunt

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