Scavenger Hunt Questions

Scavenger Hunt Questions

Puzzles for your treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. Each clue should lead to the next. Do not make the scavenger hunt questions too hard, otherwise the trail will fail, but do make the clues tough enough to challenge your specific participants feel clever and experience a satisfying sense of achievement.

Example Scavenger Hunt Questions


Spring to the sheet, by head pillow meet,
Five feet and a head, eyelids like lead.


Sometimes with a hood and smelling quite good,
Don’t go inside unless you want to get fried.


Air tight with a hum, I fill your tum,
You’d be a fool if you were this cool.


If water were dug you’d find a plug,
I’ve tap to be seen while you’re getting clean.


Here there are pools of powerful tools,
Head out to the shack of wood in the back.


To end you may wish of dirt in the dish,
Two taps and a bowl are your clue goal.

Light Switch

With a flick my tummy you click,
The <bedroom> I go to make it all glow.

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2 responses to “Scavenger Hunt Questions”

  1. pvs sriram Avatar
    pvs sriram

    i’m an electrical engineer. me and my friends were having a get together and i just want arrange something fun and exciting for them like a “Technical treasure hunt.”
    so can anyone help me make my own treasure hunt which is related to my technical skils…?plzzzzzzz….

    1. Nilesh Avatar

      Hey …
      did you got something??
      I an searching for same????

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