Easter Egg Hunt

Ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt

Over the Easter holidays, Easter egg hunts are a very popular activity. There are several things you can do yourself to make it fun for all the family.

If you are stuck for what to do to make a fun Easter egg hunt, here are a list of ideas for you:

Hide lots of eggs around the garden and house and then escort them around indicating warmer and colder as to their positions.

Hide eggs and roughly sketch out a basic map with key features such as gates, trees and flower beds indicating where they are hidden.

If there aren’t many taking part, leave a trail of paper clues, each one leading to the next location, with a couple of eggs along the way and the main prize at the end.

Hide eggs and use natural objects to indicate their position such as stick arrows and piles of stones.

If you have a phone with apps on, there are cheap or free and very accurate GPS mapping programmes such as Google Maps that allow you to leave way points where the eggs are hidden.

You can have a pile of riddle clues which accurately but cryptically allude to their locations.