November 12, 2010 | Posted in:Information, Research

Today on Neighbours we saw Callum and Sophie taking part in a Scavenger Hunt. This derivation of a treasure hunt involves collecting objects in order to win a prize. The tasks will normally involve either resources that are naturally abundant, such as the leaf from a certain tree and a product from a shop, or something which might be a little harder to find such as a photo of your group with a traffic warden, or everyone camouflaged in the background. This mechanism can be great fun but is open to abuse by participants. On this particular episode of Neighbours one of their tasks was to get hold of a tea cake. As a result of which, the evil Lou promptly went and bought all of them, to hamper his competitors’ progress.

The concept can take up a lot of resources if run commercially, as event holders can end up with huge piles of leaves/tea cakes, and will also need to check everyone’s inventories, which is very time consuming.

A potential solution to this would be to turn this hindrance to your advantage by getting competitors to retrieve items that would benefit the cause i.e. wood/coal/money/rubbish.

Scavenger hunts sometimes also refer to treasure hunts in general.

If you are looking for a professionally organised scavenger hunt then let this good neighbour be a good friend…

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