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  • Treasure Hunt Clues Ideas

    There are no excuses for using a list of questions for treasure hunt clues when there is such a wealth of source material to work with. Here are a few ideas that can be used for creating treasure hunt clues: Treasure Hunt Riddles Click here for How to Make Riddles or see if you can Solve […]

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  • Scavenger Hunt Questions

    Puzzles for your treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. Each clue should lead to the next. Do not make the scavenger hunt questions too hard, otherwise the trail will fail, but do make the clues tough enough to challenge your specific participants feel clever and experience a satisfying sense of achievement. Example Scavenger Hunt Questions Bed […]

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  • Treasure Hunt Puzzles

    Here are 25 original and very difficult riddles for you to try to crack. The most that anyone has ever managed to solve is currently 23 out of 25 (MB!). You won’t be able to search the puzzle answers online so you are on your own! Also, take a look at ideas for Treasure Hunt Clues, […]

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Treasure hunt information and advise. Including clues, themes and shopping! This is some free information to encourage everyone to take part.