Codebreaker 4×4

Codebreaker 4×4 Hi Tech Treasure Hunt

for UK event organisers
Codebreaker 4x4 treasure hunt
Codebreaker 4x4 treasure hunt

Codebreaker 4×4 Hi Tech Corporate Treasure Hunt Package – premium treasure hunt experience.

Explore the breathtaking surroundings to find the deviously hidden secret information. Break into the software by cracking all the clues.

You will be issued with the latest top-of-the-range Land Rover Experience vehicles for you to drive on and off-road around the beautiful surroundings, plus the latest in tech encryption cracking technology.

Although the situation is desperately serious – one thing is for certain – you will have a lot of FUN!!

The stability of the world as we know it is under threat.

The incredibly evil Dr Mudrock has launched a piece of software that is set to corrupt the world’s currency and plunge the planet into almost certain anarchy?

Codebreaker 4x4 treasure hunt