Generate Revenue

Treasure hunts can provide a constant stream of income when sold from your shop, or when having an open day they are a very cost-effective of producing and generating a large amount of interest and potential financial reward.

For example, with good publicity, Eastnor Castle sold over 5,000 tickets for their Easter treasure hunt.

A good introduction would be to commission one for an open day, and then sell the same treasure hunt throughout the rest of the year.

As a team building activity it can be strongly argued that if your team is working together better, then you will be more profitable – worth far more than the price of a treasure hunt.

  • Product Launches

    Product Launches using Treasure Hunts Product launch treasure hunts can be used to help to launch your product by getting all the parties involved on a fun voyage of discovery about all aspects of your new product. You control what information you wish to put across to the users – so it can be used…

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  • Treasure Hunt Packages

    Choose what you would like your treasure hunt to achieve. This decision should be based on the time available, age, intelligence and physical abilities of the participants combined with the area hosting the treasure hunt.

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