How To Make Your Own Simple Treasure Hunt

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[wp_cart_display_product name=”Make Your Own Treasure Hunt PDF” price=”2.99″ thumbnail=”” description=”A simple guide to making a treasure hunt around your home. Includes making a great old looking treasure map.” file_url=””]

This is a guide to creating a great treasure hunt for your home, which can be adapted for your town, park or even your holiday.

You’ll learn how to create a number of different clues, pick a theme as well as how to make an authentic looking treasure map.

All you’ll need is a couple of household objects, some willing pirates and of course – some TREASURE!
The brilliant treasure hunt that you create is limited only by your own imagination, kids’ party, hen do or team building event.

Order now in Kindle format on Amazon.

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The book includes a pirate dictionary, ideas for other clues and alternative themes for only $2.99.

If you would like a professionally organised large treasure hunt then please get in touch with Treasure Hunt Design.


Variety is the spice

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Give me a long list of dull questions to answer and I’ll give you a short list of reasons not to bother:
1) It is not interesting enough.
There are two easy ways around this. Make each of your clues a different task or activity that needs performing to solve and introduce a theme. If you have to spot the difference at one place, or at another location pace out what lies 2 steps left, rotate 90 degrees clockwise and what do you see, it makes each interaction fun and engaging.
Here you will find some clue ideas.
Here you will find some theme ideas.
Make it fun so that everyone enjoys it.
If you want it to be absolutely brilliant – get Treasure Hunt Design to do it.