Online Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts based online

An online treasure hunt is a great way to direct people to certain information online in a fun way.

Pages are subject to change, so the safest course of action is to take people around your own website, as you control all of the content. Venturing out to other websites provides far wider variation and may extend the attention span, but must be done with caution using solid unchangeable clues.

We can do flat html trails, flash based challenges and can incorporate dynamic data, meaning participants can dip in and out without fear of losing their place.

As with treasure hunts which aren’t online, it is important to make each type of clue a different puzzle (see styles of clues). Technology is advancing at an amazing rate, meaning that using applications such as Google Street View you can take people to quite diverse virtual locations.

Online treasure hunts don’t have to be confined to the armchair. Clues can include common things which are found within a few miles of anyone’s house, such as the barcode for Kellogg’s Cornflakes for example.